Services and Programs

Social and Emotional Wellbeing Programs:

“Meet the Real You” Women’s and Men’s Leadership Retreats – providing a safe environment to delve deep into the self and clear out the old to empower yourself with the new.
Colour and Sound Journeying –through the mediums of colour and sound we open you  to a journey within unpacking and defusing the internal flurry of emotions and self-talk.
Art for the Heart – you intuitively paint layers of water colours bestowing the gifts of letting go, and embracing your creativity.
Creating Healthy Menus – healthy eating is easy and it can taste good too, eating for life.
Creating a personal budget – providing people with tools to stay on track and live within their means.  Even if you are unemployed you can benefit and succeed if you know how to budget.
Life Mapping – looking forward what do you see, making conscious decisions of what is going to be in your life, short, medium and long term.
Making Good Personal Choices – providing tools to empower people to know they are making good sound decisions.
Discovering and Achieving Dreams/Goals – sometimes we don’t dare to dream or to set goals this program assists with discovering your dreams and the pathway to achieving them.
Growing happy, healthy, confident, successful individuals, creating happy, healthy successful communities

Aged Care

Proposed aged care specific services including health care, nutrition, and recreation.
Traditional aged care facilities do not cater for the special needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, Intersexed, Sistergirl, or Brotherboy elderly people (LGBTQISB) and many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; their needs are not being met. They have to hide who they are, partners cannot live in the same room, spiritual needs are overlooked and sadly, judgements are made.
Aged care services need to cater for the whole person – mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally; embracing all. Many LGBTQISB elders in aged care do not feel comfortable coming out and those that do sometimes face devastating discrimination from carers or their peers.
The Sanctuary of Embracing Difference Care will be a purpose built multi level aged care facility that caters for LGBTQISB and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities within this sector.

Leadership workshops that will:

  • increase leadership skills;
  • promote leadership and empowerment;
  • strengthen community connection; and
  • support women to take up leadership roles.