April 2013

“Thank you so much for an inspirational week-end. The Bunya Mountains was truly a spectacular and quiet place to release and reflect on many aspects of one’s life. I especially enjoyed the session on judgment and have implemented many of your teaching from the week-end into my everyday life. Many thanks for your wisdom, patience and guidance throughout the sessions, I can’t believe how ‘LIGHT’ I feel throughout this past week since the course week-end and how the trip back to Brisbane seemed to take 1 hour not 4.” Glenda Laughlan

When we travel this journey with others we are privileged to share in such an intimate space with them and they with us. I loved the respect that everyone had for each other and how everyone participated. “I loved the sacred intimacy of the small group and the sharing between the women. You created a safe place for mine and other women’s deep healing” Karen Langford


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