May 2014

“I am now more aware that giving back is more than I had envisaged and its ok to give back what no longer serves me for my highest good” Lillian “Amazing nutritious and deli-cious food even though it was vegetarian :)” Lillian

“Consciously Programming Workshop was really challenging, still getting my head around the actual difference of ‘word’ & ‘feeling’” Julie

“I feel like my journey to a balanced me has begun and I wanted to make that change.” Ingrid

“Colour and Sound Journeying was my favourite it helped with releasing emotions.” Natasha

“Physical Centre’s of Consciousness workshop was extremely interesting & I would like to learn more.” Julie

“I enjoyed the ACTivating the sacred space workshop. I enjoyed the physical activity and the environment and being part of that amazing experience” Ingrid

“The food was great I am not vegetarian but I never missed a thing the whole time I was here” Natasha

Email following the retreat:

“Hello Leanne, Debbie, Yvonne and Alicia, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for helping me start my journey of a new me. I know that it will take a while but knowing that I CAN make the positive changes to live my life and shape who I am, is very satisfying. When I got home my children said I look different and radiant and I feel my eyes are open wider too. I love my necklace more every day I wear it. Blue has always been my favourite colour but none of the blue ones grabbed my attention and I was drawn to this purpley one. Funny enough blue keeps shining through from the pearly beads on it. Anyhow, thanks again for everything.” Ingrid