December 2013

“I got more than I came for, I finally have some sense of direction for my life. The retreat was better than what I could have expected” Aly

“My favourite workshops; giving something back, the awakening of the spirit the journey home, physical centre’s of consciousness” Ana

“I participated in the August retreat, my life has been changed as I have forever. Leanne this is your gift to the world I love that 4 months down the track I am still shifting changing growing and loving me. Thank you” Sally

“My most favourite workshop was the hardest the drawing/ colour and sound. This allowed me to let go of things I did not know I was holding on to” Melissa “Thank you for helping me find the True Me” Melissa

“I enjoyed the conscious programming, I got rest, healing, space, ability to share, empower self and others from a point of vulnerability” Alicia

“I came with openness to experience what I needed at this time. It was a very moving and cleansing experience” Gwen


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